War and Peas

February 13, 2019




War – what is it good for? 

Absolutely nothing.

(according to Edwin Starr – and I think I agree with him)


Whereas Peas are brilliant little balls of green lovliness…


We’ve been at war (not really – no shots have been fired – yet) for over a year now with burgers.


We have been experimenting like crazy with all sorts of recipes to try to achieve the ultimate vegan burger.


We've been working on this longer than one of Leo's books...


We’ve had a lot of successes, and some failures – but mostly they’ve all been really tasty. 


However, in our search for perfection - we’re not quite there yet. 


Maybe the flavour isn’t full enough.

Maybe the texture is not quite right.

Maybe they are not solid enough or a bit mushy.

Maybe our standards are impossibly high.

Maybe I should try not be drunk next time.



It’s hard to tell.

And the more we do the harder it is to be objective.


My favourite so far has been the awesome Field Mushroom burger. 

But that’s a bit of cheat because although it is a burger – it’s basically a big mushroom in a bap.


Which is great if you like mushroom…


What we really want is a plant-based burger that doesn’t pretend to be meat – but does satisfy a non-vegan that they’re getting a properly good burger and not some lame vegan-wannabe.


And it needs to be a bit different from the ready-made supermarket bean burgers.

They’re kind of obvious, often THE vegan item on a restaurant or café menu - and don’t inspire a hardened meat eater to try something different or new.


Peas Peas – tell me now


Andrea thought peas might be the answer.

Anything green has got to be good for you – and, by association, on brand for us.


She came across a recipe for a Pea Green Burger online, and with a few tweaks tried it out.


With peas, sweet corn, chickpeas and a lemon cashew Mayo it packs a protein punch! 


Served in a lightly toasted bun along with roasted red peppers and crispy lettuce it was absolutely delicious. 


It wasn’t as ‘green’ as we thought (colour-wise - in fact it wasn't very green at all once it was cooked).


Which was kinda disappointing (I had visions of that sort of luminous bright green you get with mushy peas from the chippy…).


So – we’re going to try to make it much much greener next time. 


[tempted to put a Black Adder reference here]


Maybe add spinach or even some spirulina - which would also up the nutritional value of this yummy dish. 


Adding fresh mint (as well as the coriander) - could make it even tastier.


Whatever - it was bloody lovely and I’d definitely order it again – not that I ordered it this time, and even if I was paying and not just acting as guinea pig (not a bad job tbh – trying different food recipes).


We’ll keep you updated on our progress as usual of course, but if you see us at an event somewhere and if we have it on the menu our advice to you is…


...well I guess


All we are saying – is give Peas a chance.




Peas & Love




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