Feeling the Pinchos…

January 28, 2019




Getting to the point


On one of our many outings during our stay here in Spain, we came across an amazing eatery with a really eye-catching display of pinchos. Surprisingly, it wasn't in some quaint street market but a franchise in a swish out of town shopping mall.


Pinchos are a form of tapas, originating from the Basque region, which you may already be familiar with.

A small offering of food, usually served along with a drink, which can sometimes even be free.


The difference between tapas and pinchos is that the latter are served on a slice of bread and held together with a cocktail stick. The word 'pinchos' comes from the verb pinchar, which means to pierce or spike.


Of course none of the pinchos on offer were suitable for us to eat - if they weren't made up with a circle of chorizo or a scrunch of Iberico ham there was a cube of Manchego cheese or even a mini fried egg on top! 


However - the experience did inspire us to come home and experiment with our own vegan friendly versions.




We made a white bean and chickpea dip flavoured with seaweed and topped with a slice of cucumber, sweet potato falafel with fresh coriander garnish and a lemony home-made hummus topped with avocado, walnut and a cherry tomato.




There are endless possibilities so we will definitely be trying other flavours in the future.


They were so yummy and were a great way for us to offer tasters at the Exeter Vegan Market last weekend.


They would also work perfectly as part of a buffet at a party or wedding, in fact any sort of gathering where you want to offer small bites of interesting food!





Big luv




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