The search for the best burger continues…

December 19, 2018



Guerrilla Burger?


We had this idea to do a burger and call it the "guerrilla burger".


The implication being it was a reaction against the usual greasy meaty sort you often come across, and in the hope it would set an example of how a plant-based pattie could be just as tasty and satisfying! 

We then thought people might be concerned it was made from actual gorillas (different spelling) and be slightly put off!! So we asked ourselves, as these awesome creatures are one of the largest primates that eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, can we make a burger that gorillas would like to eat? 

Now, gorillas eat a lot of bamboo shoots, fruits and stems.


When cruising the Internet for recipes we came across a banana burger.

Not sure if Elvis would approve, but we gave it a go and here is the result [top pic].

It looks impressively like how you would expect a burger look but the texture was light and fluffy.


This was down to the cauliflower which we whizzed up in the food processor along with red kidney beans, chopped mushrooms, onions and tofu and of course the banana.


Chia seeds were added to help bind it all together and then baked in a hot oven.

I must admit the taste was not what you would expect from a mouthful of burger and was pretty sweet and bananary - maybe a pudding burger is the next step with this one?


The search for the perfect vegan burger continues!


All this research - apart from providing me and the family with plenty of great meals - is paving the way for some brilliant recipe options early in the new year when our NEW Really Good Food Trailer will start hitting the road.


Keep an eye out for exciting developments ;)




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