Garlic Hummus

February 14, 2018



It's an absolute belter!


Go on admit it - you love hummus.

Doesn't everybody?

We certainly do.


In fact we love it so much it's the one thing that pretty much the whole family NEVER tires of.


Which is why we get through so much of the stuff.

Like - literally tonnes and tonnes of it.

If you collected all the hummus we've made, eaten or sold and put it all in one place it would fill Wembley Stadium several times over.



Or something like that.



Anyway - it's a lot.


There's all sorts but this one is the classic original - quite creamy and nutty as you'd expect - but with the garlic level upped to give it an extra zing.


Slightly less Tahini, and extra fresh lemon juice.


And fresh basil and a dusting of paprika to finish of course.


You can't try this one yet. 

We've eaten it all.



Get over it. 

We gotta eat too you know ;)



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