Our story

We're a small family-run business that just makes awesome healthy food…

As Sly Stone once said "It's a family affair"

The Brinham's decided they should walk-the-talk and get the good food out there by starting up their own Family run, ethical, healthy, plant-based catering company…

The Really Good Food Company.

Mamma (Andrea) says:
"We loved our food, and our friends did too - so we thought 'why deprive the rest of the world?' So - here we are doing everything from farmer's markets to corporate catering, private functions, events and festivals. All healthy. All 100% plant-based too."

Husband, Darren Agrees:

"We just wanted to make food that was really really tasty, really good for you, and really good for the planet. We think we're doing that! We're here to prove eating vegan isn't dull."

Daughter, Anna:

"I love animals and think people should be more aware of where their food comes from. I think if everyone stopped and thought for a moment before making a food choice the world would be a better place."

Son, Sam:

"It's a fantastic challenge to invent new recipe's and adapt old ones to a totally vegan option - without losing any of the texture or taste."

Daughter, Jess:

"When people realise they can eat healthier, really full-on tasty food without trashing the planet or having the guilt of animal cruelty it might be a bit of a wake-up call. I hope they can take some of that with them and maybe change their eating habits. Every little bit helps."

That bloke from across the road:

"I'd never heard of them but they sound great. I like eating meat, never miss a bacon butty opportunity, and drink milk by the gallon - but i am now having 'meat-free Mondays' and our family Saturday night takeaway is now often vegan."

Somebody else:

"Bloody brilliant!. It's about time the makers of 'Star Trek' realised the potential for Spock advertising his own planets' cuisine. What will they think of next? I can't wait for the  Romulan recipes with Klingon Quorn"

We love the planet.

We reckon we all live here so it makes sense to look after it.

Which is why we are 100% plant-based.
It's a healthier way to eat, and is more eco-friendly too.

We're also pretty fond of animals - so we are very keen on not having any of them in our food.


What we aim for is really good food (the clue's in the title) that's really good for you, really good for the planet and really good for animals too! (Mostly because they're not quite as dead as they would be if we were eating them - which we figure is probably what they'd prefer – if they had a choice).

We're not keen on dairy produce either. 
We don't need it anyway, so we don't use it.


So the food is 100% plant based - AND tastes amazing – even if we do say so ourselves.

(which we do btw :)

Basically it's vegan. So there.


If you love your meat or cheese etc - there's loads of choice everywhere! 

BUT if you fancy a change, are a veggie or vegan - we've got loads of great stuff just for you.

Why not try our awesome plant-based loveliness for a change?

Instead of going for an Indian, Chinese, Thai, Pizza or Fish n Chips - try going for a Vegan!

It's healthier and really tasty - so what's not to like?

We aim to make the best tasting, healthy, wholesome food - to go.

There are no compromises or half-arsed attempts at making 'alternative' food. Our recipes are well-thought through & properly tasty. Made from the best locally sourced, quality produce, and organic wherever possible – we make no apology for being 'just veg'!

And if you want to know anything more about being vegan – ask Rosie, or click on our '100% Plant Based' link.


We're working on a range of vegan snacks and goodies! Our 'Vegan Warriors' brand also has merchandise like T-shirts so you can be proud and be loud...


Telephone: 07717 201985

Email: andrea@thereallygoodfood.company


42 Sherwell Lane, Torquay

Devon, TQ2 6BD


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