100% Plant Based

All our food is totally vegan. It's important to us – we hope it is to you too.

If you want to know more about becoming a vegan, why it's a good idea and why it's good for you, the planet and animals –  we've got this section on the web site to update you on everything we think is important or useful to know.

It's not just meat - dairy farming has some pretty horrible practices too.

Obviously killing millions of animals every year just 'cause we like the taste is a bit mad. And the clearing of land to graze them on and the pollution the whole circus creates is completely insane and unsustainable - but the dairy industry may actually be even worse.

Want to know more about how your food is produced?

There are loads of great online resources if you want to broaden your knowledge of where your food comes from, and the choices available.

Leonardo DiCaprio's film Cowspiracy, and the follow up What The Health, They are online and on Netflix etc and real eye openers. 

Here's the thing…

There are many misleading statements and differences of opinion on the subject.


We don't have all the data and everyone has their own point of view on evolution, diet, God even.... And nobody likes others telling them what they should do or how they should live.


There are two things most people would find hard to argue:

  1. It's not right that animals should die or be abused just so we can eat them IF there is a practical alternative.

  2. Global Agriculture for animal production is putting an unacceptable strain on the planet and is the most significant contributor to climate change.

Here's a crazy idea - GO VEGAN!

Why the hell not? Animal lovers - you wouldn't harm your pets and hate seeing any animal in distress - so quit the bacon sandwiches!


Really. What's the difference ?


There isn't any - it's just everyone is so used to it and desensitised that they forget what they're shoving in their mouth was a little cute piggy not that long ago...


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